Waking up with a natural glow seems pretty unattainable some days, especially if you enjoy the occasional late night Netflix binge every once in a while. That being said, there are a few nighttime beauty hacks you can try, which can definitely make morning beauty routines easier.

5 Bedtime Hacks for Beautiful Skin

#5 – Breakup the Makeup

Put your right hand over your heart…ok, now repeat after me:

“I solemnly swear to remove my makeup every night before going to bed no matter how tired, drunk, comfortable or lazy I am. I swear that I will NEVER put my head on my pillow without first thoroughly taking off my mascara, lipstick, concealer or whatever makeup I happen to be wearing.”

Alright, now that your oath is out of the way, you are probably wondering why I am so adamant about this. The first reason is the growth of bacteria that occur due to the makeup debris present on the pillow. If you sleep with foundation for instance some of it sticks to the pillow. Later on it will allow the growth of bacteria and cause skin problems like linings, acne and dark circles. Secondly, during the night your skin renews and refreshes itself. Makeup blocks oxygen delivery to the skin leading to a dull complexion that is prone to dryness, acne, premature lines and wrinkles; and hyperpigmentation, etc.

#4 – Calm Cleansing

Avoid aggressive, abrasive or irritating cleansers at night; they can over-strip the skin of its natural oils leaving it red, inflamed and dry. A gentle cleanser can be a tough sell for consumers familiar with strong formulas that can make skin feel tight and squeaky-clean. Many people take that feeling as a sign of effectiveness, when actually it signals over-drying and possible damage. And most people still assume that any skin problem—whether dull skin, acne or age spots—can be solved by scrubbing just a little bit harder. Most cleansing products have a surfactant, a chemical or natural compound that helps break through the surface tension of the skin. The cleanser absorbs dirt and oil and removes them during rinsing. While removing dirt and oil, the surfactant interacts with the stratum corneum, the skin’s outermost layer and protective barrier—and that is where problems begin. The surfactant can remove the good oils the skin produces, resulting in over-drying. And it also can remain in the stratum corneum, exacerbating irritation. A compromised skin barrier also makes a person more susceptible to infection and environmental harms, such as pollution. A gentle cleanser will remove dirt, oils and pollution but leave the skin soothed, moisturized and clear.

My favourite gentle cleansers are:

#3 – Embrace Enzymes and Amplify with Alpha Hydroxy Acids

While there are many types of enzymes and alph hydroxyl acids, they have two primary uses in skin care– for exfoliation and as anti-inflammatories. Certain enzymes and acids are effective exfoliants and can be gentler than other methods like scrubs and microdermabrasion. The upper layer of your skin is mostly made of dead skin cells containing keratin protein. Enzymes and acids work by specifically breaking down the keratin protein, resulting in smoother skin. Other enzymes (some found naturally in skin) can function as a scavenger of free radicals and protect skin against oxidative damage. Simply put, enzymes and AHAs can protect against damage from sun, environmental pollutants and even acne.

My favourite enzymes/AHAs enhance cellular renewal overnight and help to clear pores, even skin tone (bye bye annoying dark spots) and leave the skin bright and refreshed in the morning. Check out Consonant Skincare Maximum Glycolic Meta Serum.

#2 – Hydrate to Radiate

So, you’ve cleansed your face (gently!) and applied some amazing enzymes to both exfoliate and renew the skin, now you are ready to nourish your skin with some amazing moisturize so you wake up plump, soft and fresh! Your skin needs hydration, especially overnight. Your skin is in its reparative state at night because, while you sleep, your skin is at rest and not being exposed to the environmental stressors that age the skin. Performing your nighttime routine with the use of moisturizer can really help repair your skin and help to control how quickly your skin ages.

My favourite moisturizers for night:

#1 – Bright Eye Boosters

You are just about to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, just one final step…eye cream! Yes, eye cream is as important as people preach which is why I am going to perpetuate the preaching here. The skin around the eye is the thinnest, most delicate area of the face, making it vulnerable to the first signs of aging and fatigue. During the drier, winter months, I apply eye cream both morning and evening but when the weather is warmer and more humid I reserve it for nighttime. Apply it gentle around the eyes to wake up with fewer lines, dark circles and puffiness. If you tend to dark circles or puffiness, use an eye cream that contains caffeine (check out 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, Fitglow Beauty Eye C Firm or my personal favourite, Fitglow Beauty Eyebright).

Follow the steps above and your skin will be glowing, refreshed and smooth when you wake up! If you need more support book a free 15 minute consultation or initial visit with me at Connected Health and Skin. Click here to learn more.

Have a beautiful day!