In today’s day and age, people and teenagers alike tend to gravitate toward quick fixes and easy cures. The only problem with that is acne can’t be cured with a pill or antibiotic. Those solutions are usually only temporary and can cause health problems if used long-term.

Many doctors and dermatologists prescribe drugs like Clindamycin and Doxycycline, which work temporarily, but once the last round of drugs have been consumed, acne comes back. It’s not advisable to consistently take drugs like these for long periods of time as they can cause antibiotic resistance and other health issues. These antibiotics kill excess bacteria on the skin, but they do not reach the underlying cause of acne. They also cause uncomfortable side effects like upset stomach, dizziness, and can increase sun sensitivity. Unfortunately, this is the solution that many people choose simply because they don’t see another option.

The root cause of acne is that acne sufferers’ skin cells shed far more than the average person’s, especially when it comes to excessively oily skin like that of a teenager’s. Typically, someone who does not have acne sheds skins cells once per day. A person with acne will shed skin cells up to 7 times per day. But what’s the cause of this shedding? Usually it stems from hereditary factors. If you have acne, it comes from your genes and as you can imagine, those are hard to alter. Drugs like Accutane, antibiotics, and even birth control are only short-term solutions. Solutions whose side-effects can be dangerous in the long-term, not work efficiently for the entire duration of their consumption, and if they do work, only work for short periods of time.

What are my other options?

What most people don’t realize is that their acne can be cleared using methods of lifestyle change, targeted supplements and herbs to address underlying imbalances and consistently applying the correct products in the right amounts with the best ingredients.

Acne is embarrassing and can lead to a lack of confidence and motivation. Not only does it impact daily life, but it is also painful to deal with. The scars it can leave behind seem like a permanent reminder of the past acne and can leave people feeling ashamed and embarrassed by their appearance. But acne is no one’s fault. If you are reading this, you have found a new way to deal with it and a way to achieve clear skin you never thought was possible.

I am knowledgeable in the actual source of acne and the processes that work for clearing it. I start with a one-on-one consultation where we assess your skin at your skin and advise lifestyle changes that could be affecting the skin like foods, hair products, and makeup. Then I offer product recommendations that will work best to clear the skin, both supplements and topical treatments. If necessary we will discuss any further lab testing that could help us figure out the root cause of your acne. Additionally I prepare a detailed routine for each individual and their unique needs so that you know exactly what to do and how to use the products the most effectively. Once your daily routine is established, we are able to help the process with bi-weekly or monthly appointments to review your skin’s progress and help it along with chemical peels and other therapies to ensure your success and stop the advancement of blackheads and whiteheads before they have the chance to start.

I designed and perfected this process over the last 8 years. The difference between seeing a dermatologist for your acne and visiting me at Connected Health & Skin is that I have the time to spend with patients to truly understand their skin and what it takes to improve it and maintain long lasting results.

Each case is different and yours is no exception. Drugs are not the only answer when it comes to treating acne. No one has to suffer with this condition alone, desperately attempting to treat the mystery that acne can seem like at times and hoping for a miracle. I am here to help clear your skin and keep it that way, no matter what age you are.

To learn more, book a free 15 minute consultation so we can discuss where you are at, what you want to achieve and how we can work together to get you there.

Have a beautiful day!